TAEKWONDO4ALL (TKD4ALL) is 16-month project with four partners from 3 EU countries (Croatia, Romania and Slovenia). The Project Consortium, led by Taekwondo Club Zaprešić from Croatia, is made up of local taekwondo clubs (SD Red Power, Slovenia), national taekwondo federations (Romanian National Taekwondo Federation, Romania) and one sustainable development NGO (GTF- Initiative for Sustainable Growth, Croatia), specialized in community-led local development.

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1st online project meeting

On July 7th the first online project meeting will take place. The agenda of the meeting is the discussion of the project work packages, technical details, project reporting and finances.

2nd TKD4ALL board meeting

On November 25th the second live board meeting of the TKD4ALL project consortium will take place in Maribor, Slovenia. The agenda of the last live meeting in 2022 are the…

1st TKD4ALL board meeting

The first live TKD4ALL board meeting will take on September 15th in Zaprešić, Croatia in the framework of the official public project presentation.

Taekwondo klub “Zaprešić”
E mail: kontakt@tkd-zapresic.hr
Tel: 099/2717-677
Address: Vladimira Novaka 23, Zaprešić, Croatia

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